Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm one weekend closer!

It is Sunday evening so I now only have one weekend left (and a couple of days) before I leave to Italy! I can hardly believe it!

This weekend consisted of moving toward the resolution of my car selling situation, shopping for warm clothes & boots & other necessities, and spending quality time with my family and some friends who I just do not see often enough. Last night, I went bowling with my sister, Sandi, her hubby, some friends, Kathy & Matt, and my cousin, Cindy. We had a great are a couple of pics that we took:

Our group...minus Cindy who took the pic

Kathy & Cindy...student & teacher

Sisters, sisters...

I love me some Sandi & Miguel!

The happy newlyweds
 I was really looking forward to today...Sandi & Michael had come into town so we could have one last day for all of us (minus the Genungs & papa, of course) to spend time together before I leave. I was totally spoiled and everyone made my favorite mama's enchiladas, arroz con pollo, my favorite salad, cheesecake lollipops and a La Madeleine fruit tart dessert, and we even had Grape coke to drink!  It was great to sit around and talk and watch the kids play for hours & hours...I will sure miss them! On top of such a great weekend, it snowed today! I woke up to see this view of our gazebo at my apartment complex:

I sure will miss hanging out with my neighbors here!
 I know you can't really see the snow too well...but I live in Fort Worth, I'll take what I can get!

By the next time I post, these are the items I would like to have checked off my "To Do" list:

* put my licensure on inactive status

* clean out one closet

* get luggage and begin packing

I'll keep you updated on my progress...wish me luck!

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