Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Only two weeks...

...and I will be on a plane headed to Rome!  January 18 is d-day!

Things seem to be falling into place...I resigned at work and bought my plane ticket!  I am getting rid of everything I own and have scheduled for the majority of my furniture to be gone by tomorrow. :) Other than that, I am just trying to wrap up loose ends...put my license on inactive status, finalize my move out of my apartment, plan to see family and friends, etc. Wow...this is so exciting but so much work! 

Well, I had an Eat Pray Love date with my fabulous friend, Rachel, and her oh so handy hubby, Brandon (who was totally watching the movie with us while "working" in the kitchen) and they started to ask me about where I will live. I didn't even know!!! I've been so busy, I had not even looked up the town I am moving after a quick google search, look where I will live...

Could it be any more amazing?!? I think I can handle giving up Costa Rica for life in Santa Marinella!

The support that I have received is amazing...thank ya'll for being so wonderful. You make me smile. :) If I could please request some extra prayers...I am hoping to get out of my apartment before February and sell my car with little trouble and very little cash ;-) so those prayers are greatly appreciated!

Genungs, prepare yourselves...Tia Wetwi is on her way very soon!!!

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  1. Too bad we don't live closer. We're looking to buy a car asap! (we've had only 1 car for the past several years)

    Good Luck, Ceci! You sound do excited and I am so thrilled for you.